The new album is approaching!

Posted by rpocc on September 1, 2015 News | | No comments

We are experiencing an unconcealed amusement to tell that all preparations are done and Quorum is ready to release the new album called Another World! It will be released in October.

This album consists of 6 songs and one instrumental track. Most of the musical material was written when the band was still forming. It was a great time of creative inspiration. lyrics were partly written in Russian, and partly in English. Five songs along with two others was recorded and released as a demo CD in 2006 as well as published on the very first band’s website. Subsequently we had decided to postpone the final release and had started to work on Klubkin’s Voyage.

The whole material was revised and recorded again almost from scratch. We made lot of translation work to prepare both Russian and English versions for almost every song. We did not yet recorded all vocal tracks by now, but we are planning to release English version of the album later.

Stay tuned for further news.