Another World


“One step forward, two steps back”

The compositions featured in this album were written in the 2000s, before the band’s first disc was made. After over ten years the world’s changed, and probably we have as well. But has this become a different world?
As we are standing by the highway of pop music, we can take our time and contemplate what happened, what is happening now, and we can dream about tomorrow. Another world is possible, isn’t it ?

This album consists of 6 songs and one instrumental track. Most of the musical material was written when the band was still forming. It was a great time of creative inspiration. lyrics were partly written in Russian, and partly in English. Five songs along with two others was recorded and released as a demo CD in 2006 as well as published on the very first band’s website. Subsequently we had decided to postpone the final release and had started to work on Klubkin’s Voyage.

The whole material was revised and recorded again almost from scratch. We made lot of translation work to prepare both Russian and English versions for almost every song. We did not yet recorded all vocal tracks by now, but we are planning to release English version of the album later.

Music by Dmitry Shtatnov, Pavel Barabanov
Lyrics by Quorum (1)
Pavel Barabanov (2, 3, 4)
Dmitry Shtatnov (2)
Olga Ulyanova (6, 7)
Elena Kanevskaya (Literary translation to Russian: 2, 3)
Mixing by Yuri Nikolaev, Propeller Sound
Mastering by Scott Hull, Masterdisk
Cover design and art by Natalia Arustamova
Produced by Dmitry Shtatnov


Pavel Barabanov Guitars
Sergey Nikonorov Drums
Vladimir Yanovsky Bass (2—5, 7)
Dmitry Shtatnov Keyboards, synthesizers
Bass (1, 6)
Backing vocals (1, 2, 6, 7)
Percussion (2, 4, 7)
Additional guitars (1, 5, 7)
Elena Kanevskaya Backing vocals (2)


  1. Snow (7.58)

    My heart was pounding in temples
    From the celestial chambers
    Falling like snowstorm’s white feathers
    Somebody’s stray crazy soul is returning from heavens.

    Should it get through the Milky Way lost in the shadows
    With the weary wings to embrace sleeping meadows
    I’ll watch snowflakes in dim grey light
    Open my window and let them inside.

    Desperately spreading their wings
    Souls fly in fresh winter winds,
    Soft plumes dropped generously down
    Cover the crowns of trees and the streets of my town.

    Calm and free is the soar of a soul in its reverie
    Like an eager bird knocking deep in my memory
    Leaving traces I scarcely see
    The clean sheet of paper of years yet to be.

    Somebody’s stray crazy soul is returning from heavens!

    Just to hover down from the dizzy height
    As a sparkle of fire for the poet’s mind
    To reveal to the earth and me
    The clean sheet of paper of years yet to be.

  2. Another World (12.36)

    You run across the fields.
    You sail around the Earth.
    You know your soul will never die and you’re glad.
    You drift beneath the waves.
    You dwell in deepest forest.
    You smile to people; they’ve never seen you being sad.

    Some think you’re fool,
    And they’re right in their own way.
    But they don’t know
    Beyond their mind
    There’s Another World
    Without noise
    Without war
    This is your choice.

    You dream about the water like a diamond sparkling in the sun. It’s real!
    You dream about starlight in the clear sky, in Another World it’s real!!
    There’s the only place where you can fall into your dream.
    It’s Another World!!!

    He lives quiet live
    He’s got children and wife.
    He thinks that woe won’t happen and he’s glad
    He’s got a widescreen TV
    That’s showing nothing.
    And laughs at folks who think another way.

    And who is right?
    And who is wrong
    There’s the sense to reach Another World.
    No one can judge; it’s up to you.
    But don’t forget:
    The time is passing through.

  3. Behold (5.50)

    Stand alone
    Up the hill
    Where we climbed so hard to this edge of the world

    Look behind
    Just to see
    What we lose if we jump
    Jump ahead to the void

    Is where man came from long ago
    Nature gave him power and will
    So he used it
    And he does it more and more
    That new void becomes so real

    This what we lose
    Where are our sense and feel?

    When people had started exploiting The Earth
    The profits were high but they thought
    Not enough! Not enough! Not enough!
    Thousands pipes have grown up
    Piercing the sky
    Millions wheels on millions roads
    Will drown us in a giant bath

    We’ve lost for words
    It’s better to run away!

    Still we stand up the hill
    We’re waiting for you
    All the answers you have to bring
    Don’t know where to go
    Don’t know where to turn
    Don’t know what to do
    Hope you have just started to think


  4. ’86 (7.21)

    That phone call at night
    Pierced my disordered mind,
    There came a sunless dawn,
    Time to reap what we have sown.
    One quiet April day
    Someone played weird game,
    Dangerous tests can’t be undone,
    Fools we were to think we’ve won.

    Our thoughts confused and plans obscure,
    Feel so scared and insecure,
    Got too little time to spare –
    Nuclear poison in the air!

    Then came another shock,
    Blood ticks like a clock.
    Blind stats will report
    Who will live and who will not.
    Facing this tragic hour
    When the portent source of power
    Just imposed its own will
    We understood the threat was real.

    Our thoughts made up and plans are clear,
    Ought to go away from here,
    It will spread on everywhere –
    Nuclear poison in the air!

    Dark chaos of running years.
    Dark stream of memories
    Pulls us in its gloomy depths,
    So in full we’ve paid the debts.
    Fatal harm we could restrain,
    Dumb reproach through growing pain,
    Buried pride, extinguished dream
    Echo in a silent scream.

    So what is there behind the curtain?
    Every new day is uncertain,
    Will it strike or will it spare?
    Hazy future in the air…

  5. Then and Here (5.23)
  6. Motion (10.32)
  7. Space Wanderer (5.34)

    Cleaving through space-time continuum
    With destination unknown
    Measuring parsecs a mystic wanderer
    Rushes ahead on and on

    Mildly in this hi-tech palace
    Flows diffused silver light,
    And thousands of knobs play on glassy panels
    Though none operates them inside.

    Alien to every being,
    Safe by Eternity’s side
    Wandering strange Flying Dutchman,
    What are you trying to find?
    Here’s a shining blue planet,
    A grain in the outer space,
    And astrophysical sensors will register
    Surges in radio waves.

    Will we be happy to meet him
    ‘Cross atmospheric frontiers?
    You know, this marvelous ghost, this mysterious wanderer
    Keeps rushing forward for years.

    Alien to every being,
    Safe by Eternity’s side
    Wandering strange Flying Dutchman,
    What are you trying to find?

    Time counts seconds and quantums
    Slowly resounding in mind,
    Look, the immense rings of Saturn
    Already are left far behind.

    Soon comes the Jupiter’s orbit,
    A giant with cloudy spurts
    Where huge icy rocks spin in powerful whirlwind
    That twists them like white paper birds.

    Still the untiring space pilgrim
    Flies by Eternity’s side,
    There is no barrier to stop him,
    Something he’s trying to find.
    Far stars are moving in circles,
    Wish one were like our sun.
    To dark abysses your soul calls
    Waiting for wonder to come.

    So, it will suddenly happen,
    You’ll not believe your own eyes
    When one misty morning with first shafts of sunrise
    The spaceship descends from the skies.

    Alien to every being,
    Safe by Eternity’s side
    Wandering strange Flying Dutchman,
    What are you trying to find?

    Still the untiring space pilgrim
    Flies by Eternity’s side,
    There is no barrier to stop him,
    Something he’s trying to find.

Total duration: 54.14