Klubkin’s Voyage


The name Klubkin is originated from common childish mishearing of the title of the popular scientific TV show about discoveries, travels and adventures that sounds in Russian as Klub kinoputeshestviy. Well, do you have a dream? Surely in your childhood you dreamed of adventures and unexplored lands. Together with heroes of Jules Verne’s novels you would go through the twists and turns of amazing journeys full of perils and unexpected meetings, planned your routes on the map and built models of your future ships.

But life went on, we grew up, and the ship covered with thick layer of dust found her last harbour somewhere on the attic or in the closet, having left the world of our fantasies forever. There was no place for that dream in our daily life, we did not want to share it with someone and all the more did not even try to realize it being afraid of people’s incomprehension and blame, afraid of our own weakness.

And only memory of childhood revives the room, maps, the globe, TV set and adventure movie followed by the famous TV show about geographic discoveries and far unknown lands. Our hero is from that half-forgotten world, who boldly challenged reality. We hope he’ll be all right.


Album is performed by:

Pavel Barabanov guitars
Sergey Niconorov drums
Elena Kanevskaya backing vocals
Dmitry Drogounov flutes
voices (5, 12)
Dmitry Shtatnov keyboards
theremin (2, 6)
charango (10, 14)
guitar (16)

Composed by Dmitry Shtatnov (1, 2, 4, 6, 8—13, 15, 16), Pavel Barabanov (3, 5, 7, 14)
Lyrics by Sergey Nikonorov (4, 7—9, 11, 13, 14, 16), Pavel Barabanov (3, 5), Dmitry Shtatnov (2, 13), Olga Shtatnova (12)
Mixed by Yuri Nikolaev at Propeller Sound
Mastered by Graham Goldman at Masterdisk
Cover artwork by Victor Manin (Frio)
Produced by Dmitry Shtatnov


  1. Overture (3.52)
  2. Klubkin’s Voyage, part One (4.00)
  3. Books And Dreams (5.06)
  4. Beginning (4.14)
  5. Geographic Society (5.41)
  6. Insanity (1.59)
  7. Confusion (3.06)
  8. Non-accidental Meeting (3.44)
  9. Decision (4.02)
  10. Klubkin’s Voyage, part Two (8.41)
  11. My Land, Where Are You? (8.17)
  12. Discovery (7.10)
  13. World Is Laughing At Naivety (3.40)
  14. So Tired (7.36)
  15. Klubkin’s Voyage, part Three (2.37)
  16. Voyage Goes On! (5.08)

Total duration: 79.01