The band and the record of the month April 2011

They came from far from here, Russia. They are young musicians with a luxuriant music full of energy, a true Progressive Rock overgrown of different musical aspects, another band that have such as main focus show their enjoyable musical and rewarding experience. With luminous symphonic atmospheres, sometimes adding hard arrangements and stuffing with melodic passages, the band Quorum emerges to become as new generation into the progressive rock scene at the actual days, also together with other famous bands. With symphonic textures, soundscapes into diverse musical structures, these young musicians are bringing back to present day the real roots of Progressive Rock that are reminiscent of the ’70’s. After listen to their debut album, I can honestly say that the instrumental developed by the band’s members is amazing, and fits exactly to tastes for many Prog Rock fans. Their musicianship is top-notch, the arrangements are so clean and are very well dynamically balanced with different vocals, into a interplay between diverse vocals tone, with an exceptional instrumentation, and a free flowing energy, where we can listen all the instruments around a perfect harmonic sound. The vocals, singing in Russian language, add a nice feel to the music, without aggressiveness, but also not so soft, with to kindly guide the instrumentations. The guitar is sometime wild, but sometime flows in a synphonic texture. Usually, as in the whole band of symphonic progressive rock, the arrangement of the keyboards are always the main point, dominating completely the arrangements, and that’s exactly what happens with the band Qurum, the keyboards are the strong point of arrangements, with thousands of fascinating layers and amazing musical passages. Of course I can’t forget the powerful drums and also a marcant bass, sometimes a beautiful flute appear to create a soft atmosphere. I can consider “Klubkin’s Voyage”, like an amazing and incredible album, perfectly balanced, capturing the original spirit of the ’70s. The album consists of sixteen tracks and 79 min of a pure musical delight, like a Rock Opera without interruptions between tracks, where we can hear an unforgettable sound and an perfectly interplay between the instruments. I can consider “Klubkin’s Voyage”, like an amazing and incredible album, perfectly balanced, capturing the original spirit of the ’70s prog music. Of course Quorum and “Klubkin’s Voyage” are a perfect choice to the any collection of best bands and albums for all lovers of the real Progressive Rock. Using as best reference the music from Quorum, follows in the same line such as the bands “Yes, “Rush”, “Genesis”, “Decadence”, “Autograph”, “Arsenal’, “Little Tragedies”, “Dawn Dialogue”, “Inspector”, ‘Jethro Tull’, “Mike Oldfield” with a rich instrumental and a technical innovative skill. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable…

The line-up on Quorum are:
Pavel Barabanov – Guitars
Sergey Niconorov – Drums
Elena Kanevskaya – Backing Vocals
Dmitry Drogounov – Flutes and Voices
(5, 12)
Dmitry Shtatnov – Keyboards, Programming, Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Theremin (2, 6), Charango (10, 14) and Guitar (16)
Vladimir Yanovsky – Bass